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Little Gems
baby spinach, cucumber, pumpkin seeds, page mandarin, mimolette, tarragon


(Supplement $9)
yellow peaches, pistachio, wild arugula, 30 years aged balsamic


Soup & turmeric grilled cheese
daily vegan soup, gruyere, Dijon


Avocado toast
activated charcoal, goat cheese, pickled cauliflower


Vegan superfood bowl
quinoa, bulgur, barley, grapefruit, red onions, carrots, beets


heirloom cherry tomatoes, ginger, oregano, zucchini, pecorino


Lobster bucatini
(Supplement $14)
saffron bisque, confit tomatoes, opal basil


Cacio e pepe
spinach spaghetti, garlic, sweet peas
Add protein to any of the above: Mary’s Chicken 9/ Ora King Salmon 11/ Yellowfin tuna 12 / Flat Iron / Steak 11/ Shrimp 11


Coconut Salmon Poke bowl
grilled coconut, wild rice, pineapple, ginger, sesame, wakame
(Supplement yellowfin tuna $7)


French baguette
Mary’s chicken, tzatziki, paprika, tomatoes, red onions, lettuce hearts
(Supplement flat iron prime steak $4)


Branzino Provencale
fava beans, snap peas, turnips, sauce Provençale


Steak frites
(Supplement $13)
USDA prime flat iron steak 9oz, French fires, peppercorn sauce


(Supplement $4)

Greek yogurt panna cotta
white chocolate, strawberry jus


Dragon fruit pudding
vegan chia seed & coconut pudding, honeydew sorbet, fresh dragon fruit

Executive Chef Alex Manos

Chef de Cuisine Chris Manos