About Le Grand

There are restaurants… and then there are vibrant experiences that awaken all the senses. Nestled in the heart of downtown Los Angeles is such a gem. Founded by brothers, George and Tamaz Gomiashvili, Le Grand offers more than creative culinary delights. It is the culmination of rich heritage, traditional dishes with an artistic touch, and a family-like staff who view customer satisfaction as paramount. Thanks to an award-winning design studio – Megre Interiors and a sensational resident DJs, the restaurant’s ambiance is a fusion of classic styles and modern edge. In the evening, reverberating sounds incite head nodding, good vibes, and a guaranteed great time. From the carefully curated bar program and wine cellar stocked with old and new world wines to an assortment of custom-crafted dishes that excite one’s palette, Le Grand is a place you rush to visit and delay leaving.

To be grand is to be great. George and Tamaz firmly believe that distinction is in the details. Aspiring to have Le Grand become LA’s landmark destination for fine dining is only one layer of the brothers’ vision. These second-generation restauranteurs bypass restrictive business models; instead, they operate based on a “family first” motto. If you are a Le Grand lover, you are family! The brothers strive to cultivate an atmosphere of authentic community and supreme service that not only resonates with the restaurant’s patrons but their team as well. Creating a close-knit bond is a part of their standout factor. They submerge themselves in the city’s culture to intentionally connect with its people. The restaurant’s menu is comprised of locally sourced, high-quality meats, seafood, and produce to ensure freshness as well as solidify local partnerships. George and Tamaz Gomiashvili strive to identify the heartbeat of their surrounding community and align with its rhythm. Yes, Le Grand seeks to provide supreme Coastal Californian cuisine; however, its true livelihood is in reflecting the interests and passions of those whom they serve.

Food is a proven unifying factor. Be they individuals, families, or entire neighborhoods, memorable meals make for lasting connections. Having come to California from the small, mountainous country of the Republic of Georgia, George and Tamaz brought with them years of restaurant and hospitality expertise infused with family values that led to the launch of Le Grand. Their father, Tamazi Gomiashvili Sr., opened his first restaurant in 1989. His sons had the privilege of gleaning from the depths of his customer-centered focus and exquisite kitchen creations. Under the leadership of George and Tamaz, their father’s original Saint Petersburg location expanded to a renowned chain of European seafood restaurants called Porto Maltese. After becoming an established name in Georgia, France, Russia, and Bulgaria, the brothers were ready to do a new thing in an old way.

Le Grand is where Coastal California-inspired cuisine and community engage in a metaphorical dance of sights, sounds, and, of course, mouth-watering goodness. The Le Grand approach to seafood is far less about a specific suite of recipes and more about a signature approach to otherwise common dishes. Supreme cuts of meat, fresh seafood, locally sourced seasonal produce along with grains and nuts are kitchen staff staples. Our chefs bring flavor and flare through the simplicity of key ingredients that convey an unmatched uniqueness that awakens your taste buds.

At Le Grand, less is more. We focus on maintaining and celebrating the innate flavor of every ingredient. Minimal processing leads to a maximized taste that your mouth won’t soon forget. Nor will you be forgotten. From the front lobby to the kitchen, a notable atmosphere of loyalty, compassion, and honesty exists. Here, you matter. As an integral part of the Le Grand community, your satisfaction is the primary focus. Every staff member plays a role in guaranteeing that you have a grand time! With one bite, you will become a Le Grand lover, and lovers become family.